Inspired by the success of IBCM 2 in Rome 1996, some Malaysian leaders on their own, felt it was time to have an Asian conference focused specifically on world missions, and seeking to mobilize the younger ones into world mission. An initial consultation of leaders from 5 different Asian nations (Singapore, Philippines, India, Australia, Malaysia) was held in Malaysia in 2001, and this led to two attempts to hold an Asian wide mission conference, culminating with it being formally named and launched as Partners In The Harvest (PITH) in 2009.

The 1st PITH Conference was in Petaling Jaya Gospel Hall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the theme: “Count Me In! Partners in the Harvest”. About 250 delegates from 16 countries attended this conference. The 2nd PITH Conference was held in Philippines in 2013 with the theme “Pass It On” and was attended by 214 delegates. The 3rd PITH Conference was held in Jogjakarta in 2016 with the theme “Ready Feet – Reaching the Unreached with the Good News” (Romans 10:14-15).

NEXTGEN PITH 2018 was held in Pampanga in Luzon, Philippines on 26-29 December 2018. It arose out of the PITH 2016 conference in Jogjakarta. The PITH organizing committee endorsed the need for a youth mission conference to mobilize them towards discipleship, church-planting and cross-cultural mission. It targeted believers between 18-35 years old from Asia Pacific countries; 147 youths from 7 different nations and from close to 50 assemblies were able to reach out in unity to a total of 9 unreached peoples through 9 teams over two days. Delegates shared the Gospel with over 200 children & youth, and dozens of adults; 10 people came to know the Lord.


Local churches planting and multiplying churches across Asia, in fulfilling the Great Commission.


To inspire and encourage churches to partner in prayer, disciple-making and church multiplication


  • The urgency in the proclamation of the Gospel and the completion of the Great Commission.
  • The essentials of partnership and networking among local churches, with mission agencies to work hand in hand to recover disciple-making within the local church.
  • The heart of church multiplication is the making of disciples who will make disciples.
  • The priesthood of all believers – raising both full time workers as well as marketplace leaders to mutually make disciples who make disciples.
  • The need for intensive prayer.


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